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Frequently Asked Questions

My spouse and I don’t work together in business yet, but I/my spouse/we have been considering /talking about it. Can we participate in the programs?

Most certainly! We believe that fundamentally, the success of any Copreneurs is hinged on their having a great marriage in the first place. You stand to gain from our relationship sessions, while at the same time getting clarity about the expectations, demands and critical success factors for working together. This should help you both with your decision, as well as better position you to succeed once you decide to move forward with working together.

I would love to attend your program but my spouse is not keen. Can I come alone?

The success of our programs is designed around joint participation by both spouses. This is why you are ‘A couple’ – two have become one. However, we understand that not every relationship is on a sound footing, and not everyone has the same understanding and appreciation of issues. We will therefore be happy to receive you, and we will work with you to evolve strategies and appropriate communication techniques and language to engage your spouse. While there will be definite benefits both of you even where only one spouse participates, ultimately, your wins will be much greater where you both go through as much of our programs as you are able together.

We are engaged to be married, but we already do some business together. Can we join this community?

Yes, you can. Think about it as our contribution to the success of your marriage. There is nothing like getting it right from the start, and we are quite willing to help you with this.

My spouse and I both run businesses. While we sometimes share experiences and advice with each other, we however do not actually run the same business together. Can we still be a part of the programs?

Our answer is a big ‘Yes’. In the first place, there are many challenges that go with entrepreneurship in itself – whether you are starting a business, growing the business, or dealing with a more mature and established business. Those kinds of challenges can bring their own unique sets of pressures on the individual entrepreneur, and could lead to tensions in the home. When both you and your spouse are entrepreneurs dealing with your individual tensions, it could lead to many explosive situations and frustrations, unless properly addressed and managed. You and your spouse would benefit from the learning from our programs, which will better equip you to understand, and accommodate each other as a couple in the home, while equipping you also with the kind of knowledge and experience that could help you resolve the difficulty around managing and growing your individual businesses. And who knows? One day, you just might decide Copreneurship makes sense for you both.

Is the Double Impact Platform faith-based?

Unequivocally, YES! At the Double Impact Platform, we believe in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe God is the Source and Foundation of all we are or could ever be in any area of our lives – personally and professionally, in our marriages, homes, businesses, etc. We believe God is the source of every gift, talent and ability that every man or woman possess. We believe every aspect of our lives is to be applied towards establishing God purpose and Kingdom here on earth. However, we do not discriminate against attendance by people of diverse faith backgrounds, in so far as they make no effort to impinge on, criticize or challenge our strongly held faith and beliefs, and spiritual moral code which is based on the Bible as the infallible word of the One True God. That you are of a different faith does not mean you won’t grow by learning and applying the principles, tools and strategies that we proffer.

Do we have to attend every meeting?

Ideally, we would love you to. However, we recognize that the exigencies of life – work and family, health and other commitments could stand in the way of that intention. So, it’s fine that you cannot attend every meeting. We will say however, that if you keep the vision in view, and prioritize effectively, you would do well not to miss more than a couple of meetings in a year.

Is this platform strictly for married couples?

The Double Impact Platform is specifically designed for married Couples who are in business together, otherwise known as Co-Entrepreneurs or simply Copreneurs. However, our platform and programs will also be of immense benefit to individuals who are in family businesses where there is also an interesting interplay of business and personal relationships.

Are all the programs compulsory?

No, they are not. Our meetings are open to all registered members. However, then DI-CDC (Double Impact Copreneurship Development Course) and Direct Mentorship Program are for those who express particular challenges and areas of need. You can both speak with us at any of our events to establish what would add the most value to you and your spouse.

How do I register?

Visit our Registration Page and fill the form. We will process your registration and revert to you within 48 hours.

We have young children. Can we bring them along?

No, you can’t. Sorry! Our programs are life impacting and transformational. We cannot afford the distractions, and indeed neither can you! We need you to be fully engaged so that you receive the best value for your session. We are happy to make specific arrangements if you are unable to find a babysitter. Arrangements will be made for children only during our annual Kingdompreneurship Summit.

My spouse and I have loads of experience we would like to share. We are interested in speaking or facilitating on the Double Impact Platform. Is this possible? How do we go about this?

Yes, it is possible. We look forward to having experienced Copreneurs work with us on our ‘Experience Share’ sessions. Send us an email with your telephone numbers at and we will be in touch to speak with you and schedule your session.

My spouse and I have peculiar difficulties we might not wish to share openly. Can we get one-on-one counseling on the Double Impact Platform?

You most certainly can. Relationships can be pretty tricky and if you are already struggling with deep issues in marriage and in business, your best counsel comes from people who are in the same space and can relate with your peculiar challenges. We offer you this and the highest level of confidentiality in all our dealings. You can send us an email using the address above, requesting for a private session. We will reach you within 48 hours to schedule a call or visit.

We would like to engage with the Double Impact Platform to organize a special program for couples in our church/group who are in business together? Is this possible?

We would be happy to do this. We would like you to email us details of your church/group and how you would want the program to run. Once we receive your email, we will pray over your request, and as the Lord grants us leave, we will engage with you to agree the program format and date.

We would like to run the DI-CDC for couples in our State/Country. Can you run programs outside of Lagos, Nigeria?

Yes, we can. However, programs outside of our base require a minimum of three (3) months notification for us to schedule.

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